POLITICS: Rep. Jeff Duncan's bright idea to keep traditional bulbs lit

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on January 9, 2014 

U.S Rep. Jeff Duncan

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan wants to make sure the lights are not turned out on traditional bulbs.

The Laurens Republican introduced a bill this week to reverse the ban on incandescent light bulbs with the off switch looming.

From The Hill:

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 phased in a ban on bulbs that don't meet new energy efficient standards. As a result of that law, the 100- and 75-watt bulb is already banned, and the 60- and 40-watt bulb was banned as of this month. Stores can continue to sell off their stock, but after that, they're gone.

Republicans in particular have said the light bulb ban is an example of the nanny state that needs to be repealed. The GOP had some success delaying elements of the new policy, but it now appears likely to take hold for good.

Duncan's bill, H.R. 3818, would repeal the entire section of the 2007 ban dealing with energy efficiency standards for bulbs. But GOP leaders have so far given no sign that they would consider the bill in the coming weeks.

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