Sunday letters: Dumbing down of U.S. continues

January 12, 2014 



The Jan. 3 article “Marines delay female fitness test as half fail” is another example of dumbing down America for political correctness and trying to make everybody equal.

News flash: We are not all equal, and no amount of trying to make it so will change that fact. Women are not equal to men in strength and certain other innate qualities necessary for combat and should not be integrated into such roles.

There are other roles for women in the military, but combat is not one of them.

All this does is weaken the military, just as so many other things have been weakened over the past few decades by putting less-qualified people in positions throughout society to be politically correct rather than choosing the best person for the job.

The detriment to society is so evident, but we just keep on doing it. Case in point, our current occupant of the White House.

Tom Stollmaier


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