Monday letters: Turn up the speed in the fast lane

January 13, 2014 

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— Rather than simply forcing slow drivers to the right lane, as Rep. Josh Putnam wants to do, I say increase the speed limit to 85 mph in the left lane on interstates. This will let drivers go fast if they’re in a hurry while those who want to be safe stay in the right lane.

Lane restrictions for trucks with more than six wheels should be lifted, relieving the stress truckers endure trying to drive above the posted speed limit in the right lane. They are quite capable of running with the pack in the left lane.

This will allow Highway Patrol troopers to concentrate on the secondary roads, which are more dangerous than interstates. It also will allow those who are not comfortable driving at excessive speeds to feel safe, knowing that the fast lane is filled with drivers in a hurry.

I don’t care to be within 10 car lengths of the fast-lane drivers.

David Waters


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