Tuesday letters: What we want is fairness, justice

January 14, 2014 

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In her Jan. 3 column, “Keep hope alive,” Kathleen Parker claims those of us who criticize extreme income inequality are simply envious. I am not envious of billionaires who pay politicians to stack the economic deck in their favor; nor do I envy criminals who escape justice or civil consequences. I certainly do not envy corporations (and their executives) that garner unfair advantages in their relentless quest for power and treasure.

I want fairness, justice and a hand up for those who are born into disadvantage, or whose circumstances are less fortunate than they deserve. I want decent growth in wages and employment. I want health care for all, regardless of job status. Envy? Completely irrelevant when it comes to the problems caused by inequality of opportunity and the decline of economic mobility.

Charles Goldman


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