Tuesday letters: Obama still up to his tricks

January 14, 2014 

Obama Mideast


Once again we find a feckless President Obama moon-walking away from an abject failure. He spun an abysmal sale of 2 million Obamacare policies by Dec. 31 into his slick superhero “HR-man,” whose first superpower was side-sniping at conservatives and Republicans for daring to pose the overriding question about all grand Democratic and progressive socialist schemes: “How are y’all gonna pay for it?”

Obama has been railing against Republicans for wanting to reduce jobless benefits for Americans who “lost their jobs through no fault of their own,” and dang right he is. Americans lost their jobs through his fault. After the most slothful economic recovery in our history, Americans are coming to realize it’s not the economy, and we’re not stupid; it’s Obama’s fault.

He takes 100 full-time jobs and saws them in half with a bad health-insurance policy to make 200 part-time jobs. Presto. Obama the Magnificent has indeed “created” jobs.

People who believe President Obama’s line that 30 hours a week is a full-time job are dumber than the French, who for years have believed 35 hours a week is full-time labor.

K.J. Dolney


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