Want to know what your dog is thinking? This device will tell you

Mother Nature NetworkJanuary 14, 2014 



A Scandinavian research lab is developing a gadget that analyzes dogs’ thought patterns and translates them into English, and it’s looking for financial backers to make the device a reality.

No More Woof “uses the latest technology in microcomputing and EEG to analyze animal thought patterns and spells them out in human language using a loudspeaker,” according to ST’s Indiegogo page.

The dog-sized headset contains electroencephalogram recorders that monitor canines’ “ionic current flows,” which are sent to a small Raspberry Pi computer for “translation.”

A $65 No More Woof model is said to distinguish between three different thought patterns, including “I’m tired,” “I’m hungry” and “Who are you?”

ST, the company behind the iRock – that’s the $1,300 rocking chair that charges Apple devices – doesn’t have a working No More Woof prototype yet, but it expects to have one ready in a few years.

“Yes, we HAVE achieved some results, but we are very far from a mass-producable product,” the Indigogo page reads. (About a month remains in the campaign; the fundraising goal appears to have been exceeded.)

As with all crowdfunding projects, there’s no guarantee that a funded project will result in a working product. Then again, if the headset translates your dog’s thoughts incorrectly, he won’t be able to tell you.

ST’s demonstration video (http://indiegogo.com/projects/no-more-woof) doesn’t reveal much more about No More Woof, but it does feature some adorable dogs modeling the headpiece, as well as an apology for poor English language skills. (But we think the Scandinavians are being much too tough on themselves.)

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