Friday letters: Women should be given guns

January 17, 2014 

— Thank goodness Gov. Nikki Haley’s husband gave her a Beretta for Christmas, and thank you, Gov. Haley, for your Facebook post. I think every woman should be given a gun and lessons to use it.

If the young lady who worked at the bakery had known how to use a gun and had one with her, she might be alive today.

I do not find it offensive or insensitive that Gov. Haley has a gun and posted the fact. I find it offensive and insensitive that it is shoved down our throats that the politically correct think we should not be able to protect our own lives.

Guns do not kill, people do, and you can make a weapon out of almost anything — a knife, chair, broom handle, stick, brick, etc. So why not correct the problem with criminals by keeping them in jail instead of giving them a 20-year sentence and letting them out in two years to commit more crimes? If you ban guns, only criminals will have them because of the black market, and law-abiding citizens are left with the sticks, rocks, etc.

Linda Waters


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