Commentary: ‘Myrtle Manor’ distracts from the beauty of Myrtle Beach

The Sun NewsJanuary 17, 2014 

Trailer Park: Myrtle Manor" returns on Jan. 16


Don’t look now but it appears that the showbiz zit called "Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor" is taking its place alongside the many solids the Grand Strand has to offer.

Forget about the great golf courses. And the million-dollar homes and the fine restaurants and the spacious malls. And the beach and the ocean and the dunes and the high rise hotels and the giant ferris wheel and the fine, new boardwalk and the college and the schools and Brookgreen Gardens.

And forget about all the good people who have made Myrtle Beach their home and work every day to make their community better.

As far as the world’s television viewers are concerned, the sleaze that is "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" trumps all.

The thing is, nothing on "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" is reality.

The show is scripted from beginning to end and even had a casting call to find the most outrageous "residents" -- including a few last season who wound up on the police blotter.

There was always hope that "Myrtle Manor" would be a one-season wonder, but now, as the show enters its second season, it only reinforces our Redneck Riviera moniker, telling the world again that Myrtle Beach is where trailer trash comes to party down.

Worse, it appears that Myrtle Beach is falling in line and accepting the inevitable.

Last year, people in power complained, rightly so, about the skanky image "Myrtle Manor" was giving Myrtle Beach.

This year, a city spokesman announced a virtual surrender when he said it’s only right and proper that Myrtle Beach have a reality show because, you know, Las Vegas has one.

A city councilman even legitimized the show last year when he joined the trailer-ites and played along with some kind of beauty contest.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Lighten up. It’s all harmless fun.

Sure it is, but for those of us who love Myrtle Beach did they have to make it so impossible to watch?

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