Wednesday letters: S.C. public schools still lagging

January 22, 2014 

— Creating charter schools is not growing government. I agree that no new facilities should be needed for charter schools if there are enough physical plants in the district. Since the school district will be minus the students who would go to the charter schools, they should turn over one or part of one of their schools they would not need to the charter schools. Charter schools provide much-needed competition for the public schools to produce results.

In her Jan. 2 column, Cindi Scoppe stated that public schools are accountable while private schools are unaccountable and that we would be throwing money away at private schools. Who are the public schools accountable to? Obviously not to the taxpayers.

There has been little improvement in the education of our children since Gov. Dick Riley added a penny sales tax for better education. Our state ranks low in comparison to the other states, and the United States lags far behind other countries. Many of these countries have tax-supported private schools. Thus, are we not already throwing money away at public schools?

As to really having accountability from public schools, letter writer Ed Aylward’s suggestions (“Classroom tests due a review,” Jan. 2) make more sense than Scoppe’s column.

Eruch T. Tata


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