Thursday letters: Sales tax plan off to rocky start

January 23, 2014 

— It seems a rough start has begun for Richland County’s selection of penny sales tax projects. County Council left out the watchdog committee when selecting an out-of-state company to handle the process. And as always, Richland County doesn’t want the citizens to know what’s going on in the back room, having concealed any discussion or reports on how the selection was made. Such a shame to see local taxes being paid to out-of-state personnel.

If information can’t be made public, and it has to be hidden, something is very wrong. If it’s hidden, no one is held accountable. That seems to be a big problem in Richland County. No one is held accountable for their actions. No one.

Citizens, beware. Let’s see how much of the tax money goes to the rural areas versus the city of Columbia. The promise of widening Broad River Road was essential in getting the tax passed. Let’s see how that progresses.

Tim Shealy


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