Sunday letters: SC’s low gas tax equals road woes

January 26, 2014 

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— Over the Christmas holidays, while traveling to Charleston on I-26 for my daughter’s wedding, I encountered slow traffic about six miles from the I-95 interchange. I thought it was probably an accident slowing traffic, but when I got past I-95, traffic instantly returned to normal flow.

The problem was traffic unable to freely merge onto I-95 south, slowing the travel on I-26. It wasn’t a temporary problem; the delay actually prevented many friends who came down for the wedding from attending the ceremony. I brought this up to some S.C. Department of Transportation employees I know, and they said it is a common pattern here and many other places on our interstate system.

We have the lowest gas prices in the country because we have one of the lowest fuel taxes in the country. Our fuel tax should be more in line with those in our neighboring states. Let’s let visitors from out of state help our roads when they purchase fuel in South Carolina.

Our governor and many other politicians run scared of having a tax associated with their names come time for re-election.

Jack Sightler


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