Monday letters: Ballpark won’t benefit citizens

January 27, 2014 

— An 8,000-seat baseball stadium in the middle of what is supposed to be a premier residential community? Really? At a cost of millions when the city steals money from the water maintenance fund and needs millions to fix the deteriorated system?

Aside from the money issue, why would anybody want to live in a neighborhood with a baseball stadium in the middle of it? What about the noise? Where are several thousand cars going to park? What about the congestion?

Columbia’s track record on other harebrained ideas comes to mind. Hired consultants had a beautiful plan for the CCI site, which was to reuse the historic properties and connect the riverfront park system. Instead we have a development full of buildings that look like packing crates, and the city lost money. Then there was the proposed city-owned hotel. And don’t forget the infamous airline.

The State Hospital property has some magnificent old buildings and rare trees and is generally a beautiful place in a prime location. Great cities around the world are known for their architecture, natural beauty and parks. Columbia is not a destination, but is a wonderful place to live. Our leaders have missed or bungled many opportunities, and I am afraid we are heading down that road again.

It appears we are rushing into something that is going to benefit somebody, but not the people of Columbia.

John G. McMaster


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