Monday letters: Is another sports venue needed?

January 27, 2014 

— There is an impressive stadium for college football at William-Brice. There is a state-of-the-art baseball stadium for USC’s Gamecocks. There is a vacant stadium once used by the Capital City Bombers and, most recently, the Blowfish. There is the vacant Carolina Coliseum basketball facility and the new Colonial Life Arena. The Coliseum was used for ice hockey by the Columbia Inferno, but the enthusiasm has — like the team — moved on.

So the success of the Bull Street development is now contingent on a new baseball stadium that all the marketing calculations indicate will be filled. How long can we endure without a Formula 1 race track or polo fields or a state-of-the-art cricket field?

It seems a bit odd that funds are so readily allocated to the games people play, but there is apprehension about funding initiatives for those without homes. Maybe another baseball stadium is not such a hot idea for the city that is so hot but that used to be the capital city of smiling faces and beautiful places.

Louis Dessau


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