Answers - How well do you know South Carolina’s state symbols?

January 27, 2014 

The state tree is: Palmetto

The state flower is: Yellow jasmine

The state bird is: Carolina Wren

The state stone is: Blue granite

The state gem stone is: Amethyst

The state animal is: Whitetail deer

The state fish is: Striped bass

The state popular music is: Beach

The state dance is: Shag

The state fruit is: Peach

The state shell is: Lettered Olive

The state beverage is: Milk

The state hospitality beverage is: Sweet tea

The state dog is: Boykin Spaniel

The state butterfly is: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

The state amphibian is: Spotted salamander

The state opera is: Porgy and Bess

The staet color is: Indigo

The state heritage horse is: Marsh Tacky

The state vegetable is: Collard green

The state rural drama theater is: Abbeville Opera House

The state snack is: Peanuts

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