BUZZ: Former SC Rep. Herb Kirsh passes away

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on January 28, 2014 

S.C. Rep. Herb Kirsh, D-Clover, front, and challenger Tommy Pope prepare to debate at York Middle School in 2009.


Former State Rep. Herb Kirsh, who was for a time the longest-serving legislator in the S.C. General Assembly, died Tuesday night.

From The (Rock Hill) Herald:

Some politicians look the part of movie stars – perfect hair, gleaming teeth and a public image polished to a high sheen.

That wasn’t Herb Kirsh, the heavyset man in the wrinkled sportcoat driving the Lincoln Town Car with the license plate with simply the number “1” on it. This Jewish former store owner drove 95 miles from his home to the Statehouse each legislative day for 32 years to argue against taxes, and fight for the little guy.

The Clover Democrat, who at the end of his career was the longest-serving legislator in South Carolina, died at about 9 p.m. Tuesday at a Gaston County, N.C., hospital after being taken off life support, his family said.

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