Crowds thin out after initial rush for supplies in Midlands

brantin@thestate.comJanuary 28, 2014 

— The traditional rush for bread, milk and gas hit a slight stall Tuesday morning, much like the expected snow that had brought it on.

While many had packed grocery stores and home-improvement centers a day before, the lines at many retail outlets were considerably less crowded throughout the day Tuesday.

At least most lines were.

Jake Meggs, general manager of the Lizards Thicket on Two Notch Road, said the breakfast crowds were a little larger than average at the restaurant Tuesday morning and credited the increase to more people being off work. Meggs said there was also a significantly higher number of requests for takeout soup orders, which workers were happy to provide.

Northeast resident Mary English was among the smaller wave of shoppers who came out Tuesday morning to pick up last-minute groceries.

“I worked yesterday,” English said, adding she had expected to find a smaller crowd in the grocery store Tuesday. “I figured everybody would come (on Monday).”

It was much the same at local gas stations with no noticeable backups in the lines.

The Lowes on Two Notch Road had a scattering of shoppers mid-morning Tuesday as did the Home Depot in the Village of Sandhill. And while the inventory of portable heaters had taken a hit in recent weeks, store workers said there had been a run on such things as rock salt for driveways in recent days.

But groceries and warm supplies weren’t the only things on the minds of shoppers who made their way out to stores Tuesday.

Lake Carolina resident Val Douis was stocking up on food for his dog, Riley, a golden retriever and chocolate lab mix, and his cat, Molly Martini, early Tuesday afternoon.

“Forget milk and bread. If my dog is not happy, nobody is happy,” Douis said. “The only other stop I have to make now is for the two-legged creatures in the family. We do need wine.”

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