Thursday letters: Make schools do their job

January 30, 2014 

— After reading the letter from state Education Superintendent Mick Zais (“Charter schools a viable option,” Jan. 15), I am delighted he has chosen not to run again, as he obviously is not interested in making the public schools do their job, but would rather push children with educational challenges off on the charter schools.

It has been my misfortune to try to get Lexington District 1 to serve my three special-needs grandchildren. The excuses and ability to circumvent providing what a child needs are quite amazing. I completely understand why parents of special-needs children give up on the public schools and try to find educational services for their children in the private sector. The schools can wear you down with their gimmick fixes and their denial of any problem.

Taxpayers should just make the schools do their job and serve all children and not just the ones who are able to make their school a Blue Ribbon school.

Charlene Stoll Hale


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