Paying for our snow days in the Midlands

cclick@thestate.comJanuary 30, 2014 

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    Record day: Columbia, Augusta and Charleston set records Wednesday for the lowest maximum temperature on Jan. 29. That’s why so much of the snow is still around.

    The new records on Jan. 29 are 32 in Columbia, 31 in Augusta and 34 in downtown Charleston, according to the National Weather Service.

    Columbia went 40 hours at freezing or colder, from 7 p.m. Tuesday through 11 a.m. Thursday. The temperature was a balmy 34 at noon. That’s the second time this month – the other was Jan. 7 – that Columbia had a full calendar day at 32 or below.

    – Joey Holleman

    Bridge reopened: The Arthur Ravenel Bridge reopened around 3 p.m. Thursday, after being closed for a couple of days because of ice. The bridge will be closed again if conditions become unsafe, officials said.

    Crews worked throughout the morning getting the bridge between Charleston and Mount Pleasant ready for rush-hour traffic. Pedestrians and bikers were also banned from the bridge during the closing because of the danger of icicles falling from overhead cables.

    Sheriff Al Cannon took a drive from the Mount Pleasant side over the Ravenel Bridge early this afternoon to test the conditions.

    “You have a number of areas that are really slippery. Some are visible, some not visible,” he said. “If you are a single car and can stay in the middle and go slow and look for those icy areas, that’s one thing. The problem is, if you get a whole bunch of cars on there, they’re not going to be able to do that.”

    – The (Charleston) Post and Courier

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The snowfest is over for Midlands schoolchildren, and now it is up to individual school districts to determine when to make up the one or two days that were missed this week.

Some districts made that decision Thursday, while other school district officials said that discussion will take place in coming days.

Lexington districts 1, 3 and 4, which canceled classes Wednesday, will make up that day Feb. 14, the first “bad weather” day listed on those districts’ 2013-14 calendars. Lexington 2 will make up its missed day Feb. 17.

Richland 1 will make up its school days Feb. 17 and March 28. Richland 2, which canceled classes Tuesday and Wednesday, will make up its days Feb. 14 and March 28, while Kershaw County will make up one of its two missed days March 7, with the second likely on May 26.

Some districts want to take some time to figure out the best day to make up the schoolwork.

“We want to vet this decision thoroughly before we make a final call,” said Mark Bounds, spokesman for Lexington-Richland 5.

State law requires that school districts schedule three severe-weather makeup days. If the district does not need one of the days, that day becomes a student holiday. If a district needs more than three severe-weather days, district officials and superintendents often confer to make recommendations.

In 2011, after a particularly brutal winter that caused districts to miss at least five days, the Legislature agreed to forgive snow days – but that is an unlikely scenario this year. Here are weather makeup dates Midlands districts designated at the first of the year on 2013-14 calendars.

Kershaw County: March 7, May 26 (already passed: Jan. 14)

Lexington 1: Feb. 14, March 14, April 21

Lexington 2: Feb. 17, May 26 (already passed: Jan. 20)

Lexington 3: Feb. 14, March 14, April 21

Lexington 4: Feb 14, April 21, June 6

Lexington-Richland 5: Feb. 17, June 6 (already passed: Jan. 21)

Richland 1: Feb. 17, March 28 (already passed: Jan. 21)

Richland 2: Feb 14, March 28, April 21


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