Sunday letters: City shouldn’t pick on pit bulls

February 2, 2014 

TRACY GLANTZ — Tracy Glantz

— If Columbia’s pit bull ordinance passes, there is no telling how this will impact the discriminated bully breeds.

The criminals who use these dogs won’t be penalized, only responsible dog owners. Adoptions of pit bulls will decrease if people must pay fees, and more animals will die.

Breed restrictions and bans do not work. If we want to stop the breeding and mistreatment, we need to start with the criminals, the breeders, the police and the courts.

We cannot ignore the fact that criminals abuse and mistreat these animals, not the good citizens of Columbia. We need stricter laws for them, not for responsible pet owners.

The police and the state need to be accountable for the lack of policing and slack punishments for criminals. These criminals need to stay incarcerated and off the streets.

The American Kennel Club temperament test shows that bully breeds are not more aggressive then collies and beagles.

If the city is trying to find a way to decrease crime, this is not it.

Stacy Culbreath

West Columbia

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