Monday letters: Guns do not belong in bars

February 3, 2014 

The State’s Jan. 17 front-page headlines were striking: one about a family killed by gunshot in a murder-suicide and one on S.308, which would allow concealed carry of guns in places serving alcohol.

Although fortunately most of them are not used for that purpose, guns are designed to kill. Our state ranks consistently at the top of deaths by gunshot; most cases result from an escalating argument.

Allowing guns in places that serve alcohol, just for the convenience of the small percentage of South Carolinians who hold concealed-weapons permit, is creating the potential for dangerous situations. Most permit holders are responsible, but recently one of them killed a young father in a movie theater after an argument.

People carrying guns are not supposed to drink, but who will check? If a shooting occurs, can the bar be sued for serving a gun-carrying patron? Law officers opposed this legislation.

I will not patronize a restaurant or bar that allows guns, and I encourage restaurant and bar owners to post “No guns” signs. MomsDemandAction can supply restaurant and bar owners with signs that meet the legal requirements.

Sylvie Kenig-Dessau


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