POLITICS: Mulvaney introduces bill to limit terms in Congress

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on February 5, 2014 

US Rep Mick Mulvaney

— Rep. Mick Mulvaney has filed a bill that would cap members of Congress at 24 years of service for lawmakers -- 12 years each in both the House and Senate.

The Indian Land Republican wanted shorter terms according to a report in The Hill:

“Believe me, 24 years is more than enough time to serve in Washington. (I actually pushed for much shorter terms but compromised at 12+12 in order to gain the support of additional co-sponsors),” Mulvaney said in a statement on Wednesday. "And I want to thank my friends Steve Scalise (R-La.), Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) and Steve Palazzo (R-Miss.) for their work in getting this bill together."

The introduction of the bill comes after a series of polls have indicated Congress’s approval rating is at record lows. A Gallup poll in January found 13 percent of people approved of the job that Congress is doing. During the government shutdown in October, the approval rating stood at just 5 percent.

“Now the question becomes: How can we convince enough members of Congress that they are the problem?” Mulvaney added.

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