Friday letters: Doctor treated patient poorly

February 7, 2014 

— In reference to the improvements at the Dorn VA Medical Center (“Congressmen see progress at VA hospital, but problems still plague operating room,” Jan. 7), let me add a problem of my own that I plan to present to the patient representative.

I had tests made for prostate cancer recently. That part went well. It was after I was assigned to a doctor at the hospital that my problem began. When I saw the doctor he gave me about 10 minutes, did not make clear what I needed to do and did not refer me to another hospital that further treats prostate cancer. When his little alarm attached to his belt sounded, he stood up and ushered us out.

Later, when I requested he call me at home, before I could get information about how to proceed, he hung up the phone and left me still wondering about my prostate cancer. There is nothing professional about this treatment.

Many there try hard in a very busy environment to help a veteran. This type of doctor shows a lack of concern at a serious time.

Gerald Sellers

Mount Croghan

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