Richland County deputy involved in shooting

February 9, 2014 

COLUMBIA, SC A Richland County sheriff's deputy was injured after shots were fired through an apartment door at the deputy early Sunday morning, the Richland County Sheriff’s office reported in a press release.

The release said the deputy, Douglas Rooks, was treated for non-life threatening injuries, but it did not make clear whether Rooks was actually shot, whether he was hit by splintering wood or whether he fell down and hurt himself that way.

The press release described the incident this way: Rooks was .conducting a property check at the Shandon Crossing apartments in the 500 block of South Beltline just after midnight when he was approached by a resident who said there was a loud argument inside an apartment in the "E" building.

When Rooks went to the apartment, he heard a man and a woman arguing and a loud noise in the apartment, said sheriff’s department spokesman Curtis Wilson.

When Rooks knocked on the door, someone fired shots from inside the apartment through the door at the deputy, Wilson said.

As other deputies arrived on the scene, a disoriented man came out from the apartment. Deputies also found a woman in the apartment.

Jacob Mabry, 22, was has been charged with attempted murder and is currently in the Alvin S. Glenn Regional Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing. Regina Loudagin, 22, was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The shooting is only the latest involving law officer in Richland County and South Carolina.

According to a report in Sunday’s State, last year, there were nine shootings involving law enforcement in Richland County: Five involving Richland County deputies, three involving Columbia police and one in which officers from the S.C. Department of Corrections fired on a suspect.

In 2009, there was just one case reported of an officer firing at a suspect in Richland County.

It is a trend that is being seen across South Carolina as more suspects pull guns on officers who are called to protect the public during armed robberies, drug deals and domestic fights.

In 2013, there were 42 officer-involved shootings in South Carolina, a 36 percent increase from five years ago, according to S.C. State Law Enforcement Division statistics.

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