Monday letters: Gun legislation is harebrained

February 10, 2014 

— The pending concealed weapons law tells us that pistol-packing bar patrons are not allowed to drink alcohol. Really? How many folks carrying a concealed weapon into a bar will be doing so just to pass the time sipping sassafras tea? The fact is that most people go into bars to gab and drink alcohol. And how is anyone to know who has a weapon in the bar? Remember, the weapon is concealed. Go figure.

Present law concerning concealed-weapon training is a good one. I took the eight-hour course and needed it. It covered the law, practical exercises and nearly a half-day on weapon safety and range firing. Although I spent 33 years in the Army, I needed that instruction, as does nearly everyone requesting a concealed-weapon permit.

The concealed-weapon legislation that was sent to the governor is harebrained. She should veto it. But wait: The anthropology professors at USC are excited and ecstatic. The legislation proves to them that Neanderthals still live among us.

Tom Fincher


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