Monday letters: State lawmakers inviting tragedy

February 10, 2014 

— We are on the precipice of perpetuating another insanity. The free pass to concealed-weapons permit holders is tantamount to outsourcing the state’s primary responsibility, not to the gun industry or its supporters, but to those who want nothing more than the guarantees of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

Patronizing any restaurant serving alcohol that allows guns shatters any expectation of enjoying a meal with someone in my family or friends from out of town. It is inconceivable that the state would invite such potential tragedy upon citizens if people with guns can frequent an establishment that serves alcohol.

As for our leaders, it is evident whose interests are paramount to them. Encouraging more guns, in more places, where people have had an expectation of safety, is not a matter to be trifled with.

I have made the decision for myself: I cannot support any restaurant that allows guns. If I do not see a sign that declares the business off limits to guns, it is off limits to me. How unfortunate that our politicians are leaving the next decision up to restaurant owners.

David Stewart


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