Tuesday letters: New leadership failing Chapin

February 11, 2014 

Chapin, SC What has happened so quickly with Chapin’s town leadership is astounding. We went from a mayor who led by example and involvement with every facet of our community concerns to leadership that is heavy-handed and threatening. The two initial town meetings were filled with rancor and disdain. People have been belittled as they sought to serve the people of Chapin in the manner we have all been accustomed to over the years.

I ask Mayor Skip Wilson to reconsider where our town is heading in the next few weeks and do all in his power to reunite our town, town council and those serving on committees to work together. His leadership style and openness to others in leadership positions will either enhance our town’s progress or bog us down in the political squabbling we have seen so far.

We saw good leadership from our former mayor for many years, and this image of professional, fair and caring treatment of those who want to be involved in the future of Chapin has been burned into our hearts. We do not intend to allow anything less in current and future leadership. Please lead with courtesy and professionalism.

Bobby Hutto


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