POLITICS: Nikki Haley expects storm to be worse than 2004 winter blast

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on February 12, 2014 

Gov. Nikki Haley talks about the state's emergency reaction to the winter storm covering much of South Carolina on Wednesday with S.C. adjutant general Robert Livingston (left) and interim state DOT director Christy Hall.

ANDREW SHAIN — ashain@thestate.com

— Gov. Nikki Haley said Wednesday that the ice and snow storm blanketing much of South Carolina will be worse than the 2004 winter blast that knocked out power to 200,000 homes – some for as long as a week.

Speaking from the state’s emergency operations headquarters in West Columbia, Haley told South Carolinians to “hunker down and stay home.”

She said her request for a federal declaration of emergency on Wednesday was “really more precautionary just in case we need generators, (food), water, anything to supplement what we already need. It is more of me just making sure we’re ahead of the curve.”

Haley met with emergency leaders and heads of the National Guard and transportation and public safety agencies to go over plans.

“All of us have practiced this for three years,” she said. “We will continue to manage this hour by hour.”

Read more about the governor's status report on the storm.

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