Thursday letters: Obama’s speech rings hollow

February 13, 2014 

Obama Mideast


Does anyone, after President Obama’s State of the Union address, think that the union is either in good hands or that prospects are good? High theater, party atmosphere and shopworn oration did little to assuage my frustration, fear and anger. Again, I observed pompous self-anointed royalty parading and glorifying themselves, with no apparent clue of their responsibility for the progressive decline of our nation.

Pray tell me how such childish smooching, genuflecting and televised high foolishness give confidence to an enlightened citizen, or gain respect among nations? What are we to make of Uncle Joe Biden’s silly grinning, pointing and acting like the third-grade jester? No wonder public opinion puts this crowd at the very bottom of all measures of societal ability and performance. Their continued arrogance and dysfunctional abuse of power warrant not only our shouted disdain, but ultimate sanction: Vote them all out and onto the street.

Ken Sullivan


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