Wednesday letters: Thomas should be ashamed of himself

February 19, 2014 


“The shame of Benghazi” by Cal Thomas, Jan. 22, is really the shame of Cal Thomas. He and others like him are keeping this tragedy alive for purely partisan reasons: to discredit Hillary Clinton. In the good old days, our leaders believed that foreign policy should be bipartisan; when we were in trouble overseas, it united us. Now, it divides us.

The world is a dangerous place, and being a diplomat always carries risks — especially in a country engaged in a revolution. According to the bipartisan report of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, the CIA was at fault for not notifying the U.S. military that it had an annex in Benghazi; U.S. Ambassador Stevens told the Defense Department (more than once) that he did not need increased military protection; and there was no evidence of an al-Qaida plot.

While it is true that some of our politicians have learned to say that they accept responsibility for mistakes — without any consequences (e.g., Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey) — writers such as Cal Thomas should take responsibility for being unpatriotic when they are.

Anthony DiStefano


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