Thursday letters: Salute leaders of budget board

February 20, 2014 

— The Jan. 23 editorial on the dissolution of the Budget and Control Board (“Law gives governor, Legislature tools to govern”) should be of particular interest to those readers with a direct, working experience of board-controlled activities and agencies. I consider myself privileged to have interacted with board organizations on an almost-daily basis for the better part of three decades.

Notwithstanding the organizational merits of the board or the Department of Administration, this is a time to celebrate the contributions of the public servants who devoted much of their professional lives to the operation of the board.

Among the many, far too numerous to list, I would suggest that we might particularly note Sen. Hugh K. Leatherman, the late Treasurer Grady L. Patterson, Comptroller General Richard A. Eckstrom, Luther F. Carter and Helen T. Zeigler, who for many years led with distinction the board’s Division of General Services.

The editorial writer’s enthusiastic view of the new organization is laudable. The ultimate success of that arrangement is a tale yet to be told. Let us all earnestly hope The State’s positive view will be realized in fact.

Dale M. Rhodes


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