Thursday letters: Where’s Obama’s leadership?

February 20, 2014 

Obama Mideast


With all due respect to Hammie Duckson’s opinion (“Christie didn’t show leadership,” Jan. 24), I believe the letter writer did not recognize leadership and acceptance of responsibility on a national level because we have not seen it in this country for the last five years.

Gov. Chris Christie acted on what he was told by a trusted staff. When he found out what he had been told was a lie, within 24 hours he found out who was responsible, held them accountable by firing them, declared he was ultimately responsible, apologized and then held a news conference for an hour and 47 minutes to answer every question the media had.

By comparison, our president has no less than four ongoing scandals, has not held anyone accountable — even though his attorney general was censured by the U.S. House during one of the cover-ups — and has not agreed to any spend even 47 seconds with the media to answer substantive questions, let alone an hour and 47 minutes.

In short, Gov. Christie demonstrated more accountability and leadership in 24 hours than President Obama has in five years.

Todd Garrick


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