USC football star Clowney’s speeding ticket cases still pending

February 20, 2014 

Former USC defensive end Jadeveon Clowney addresses the crowd at Colonial Life Arena during halftime of USC's basketball game against Ole Miss in January.


— Any resolution of former University of South Carolina’s football star Jadeveon Clowney’s two speeding tickets has been delayed.

Clowney, 21, a defensive standout and All-American who expected to be one of the top picks in May’s NFL draft, has requested jury trials in each of his two speeding tickets, and that is the reason for a delay.

The speeding trial of where Clowney was clocked going 110 mph in a 70 mph zone in Fairfield County on Dec. 7 might take place sometime by early or mid-March, Fairfield County Magistrate Paul Swearingen said Thursday.

But the trial in Columbia, where city police radar timed Clowney doing 84 mph in a 55 mph zone on Dec. 26, is at least several months off.

In Columbia, Clowney has at least 4,000 cases on the jury trial docket ahead of him, a municipal court official said Thursday.

Clowney made his requests for jury trials through his attorney, Pete Strom of Columbia. Such requests and resultant delays are not unusual, officials said.

In South Carolina, driving more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, as Clowney is accused of doing in each case, is an offense that can bring 6 points against a person’s driver’s license on a 12 point system. Reaching 12 points means a loss of a driver’s license. Going to court, rather than paying in advance, can mean a reduction in points, sometimes regardless of whether someone is pleading guilty or contesting a ticket.

Swearingen said he hopes to get Strom and the state trooper who ticketed Clowney together perhaps next week so they can agree on a Fairfield trial date and start the jury selection process.

The trooper and Strom could discuss things over the telephone, Swearingen said. After that, a trial could perhaps be scheduled for the next few weeks, the magistrate said.

This week and next, Clowney is scheduled to be at the NFL Sporting Combine in Indianapolis. There, he and 334 other top college prospects are being given a thorough look-over by NFL scouts, who will use what they see in deciding who to draft. Clowney has said he hopes to perform well so he can be a high draft pick.

The NFL draft is May 8-10 in New York. Clowney is expected to be one of the top picks, which would likely give him a signing package north of $10 million.

Clowney’s original Fairfield County trial date was Jan. 9.

In Columbia, his original trial date was Feb. 18.

In a previous interview, Strom pointed out that the speeding tickets are Clowney’s only offenses in the three years he was at USC.

“He hasn’t been arrested for fighting in Five Points or anything like that,” Strom said in an earlier interview.

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