Friday letters: Woodard slams all black people

February 21, 2014 

In The State’s Feb. 9 story about the GOP’s hope that U.S. Sen. Tim Scott he will attract African-Americans to the overwhelmingly white party, Clemson University professor Dave Woodard predicted that, if elected, Scott would become a “national symbol for conservative values in the black community.”

He went on to comment on the controversy the Rev. William Barber stirred up last month when he called Scott a ventriloquist dummy for the GOP. “In the black community,” Woodard said, “anybody who doesn’t think like they do, they use a racial slur.”

Really? That’s a pretty broad and loaded brush he’s using.

While the Rev. Barber might have made his point more delicately, he was pointing out that the senator’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record, and indeed it doesn’t.

Woodard’s blanket condemnation of the entire black community is outrageous. Why would he say something so irresponsible? And why, oh why, does this guy get so much ink?

Please consider expanding your roster of political pundits. Your readers deserve more thoughtful commentary.

Becci Robbins


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