Monday letters: GOP must be for doing something

February 23, 2014 

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Cal Thomas expressed his displeasure because some Republican Party leaders seemed ready to roll out the welcome mat to some undocumented immigrants, whom they consider “hard workers, religious, and family-oriented” (“Retreating on illegal immigration,” Feb. 5).

Mr. Thomas understands that Republicans’ motive for considering legal status is to gain Hispanic votes, but he thinks they’ve got it all wrong:

He notes that the immigrants are poor and not white, they see a strong role for government in handling economic problems, and 53 percent support same-sex marriage. Although a majority profess anti-abortion views, they are not sufficiently anti-gay to fit into Thomas’ “Republican family values” category. He doesn’t say where they stand on other issues dear to conservatives — anti-tax, anti-science, anti-gun control, anti-Barack Obama. Nevertheless, he makes a strong case that “this is not the profile of a future Republican voter.”

Mr. Thomas concludes that the “major goal” of the Republican Party for 2014 is “winning a Senate majority.” (This has replaced Republicans’ 2012 goal of making Obama a one-term president.)

Maybe if the GOP were not so transparently self-serving and actually stood for something — like protecting the environment, or helping the unemployed, or providing health-care coverage for the uninsured, or supporting a living wage for low-income workers — it wouldn’t have to try so hard to find supporters.

Miriam Johnson


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