Monday letters: Tax plan should focus on roads

February 24, 2014 

— Based on the information currently circulating regarding the use of the penny-on-the-dollar sales tax under consideration in Lexington County, I plan to vote against it.

I realize nothing has been decided, but the line in a Feb. 7 article (“Lexington groups seek share of proposed tax”) stating, “Road improvements constitute half of the request” bothers me. Most (if not all) of this tax money needs to be earmarked for roads and infrastructure improvements. When I enter Lexington County from Newberry or Richland county, there is no need for a sign welcoming me; the poor roads tell me where I am.

I already am paying taxes for the schools, and now they want a part of this sales tax. Water parks? Museums? Athletic fields? How about fixing the roads and building new ones to reduce the traffic congestion in Lexington and Chapin? Do that, and you’ll get my vote.

David Larrabee


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