Thursday letters: Permitted gun owners obey law

February 27, 2014 

— I’m sure that comparing the more than 200,000 South Carolinians with concealed carry permits to British soldiers and New York cops is interesting to someone, but it does exactly nothing to further this debate (“A gun can’t solve every problem,” Mark Huguley, Feb. 16).

I would offer something that does. The virulently anti-gun Violence Policy Center recently released a report concerning shooting deaths committed by concealed carry permit holders. During the three-year period ending in 2010, it identified only three concealed-permit holders who killed someone with a firearm in South Carolina. All of these shootings took place at residences where the permits were irrelevant, and only one of the people was convicted of any crime.

Mr. Huguley offered no evidence to suggest that allowing law-abiding South Carolinians’ permits to carry concealed weapons increases violence. Indeed these people commit violent crime at a rate disproportionately low compared to the general public. Mr. Huguley’s essay is an excellent example of the need to use irrelevant facts concerning non-problems to talk law-abiding people out of their gun rights.

Wesley B. Anderson


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