Sunday letters: American Party leading on ethics

March 2, 2014 

— Cindi Ross Scoppe’s column and the editorial on Feb. 23 aptly gave voice to the disturbing problems regarding the quest for ethics reform in our Legislature.

Our state senators and representatives appear unable or unwilling to enact a tough ethics law that will hold them accountable to the high standards that their offices demand and their constituents expect.

The newly certified American Party of South Carolina soon will introduce its candidates for the November election. The American Party is taking a new tack in political ethics by holding its candidates and office holders to high ethical and moral standards. The new party also will have self-imposed term limits and transparency regarding all funding to its candidates and elected officials.

Last year, more than 16,000 S.C. voters, representing every county, signed a petition asking for a chance to vote for a new brand of public service motivated candidates — servant leaders who will not put party before their state and nation. The American Party SC is offering voters new options on the ballot and, for our legislators, a new model of ethical standards.

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Donna McGreevy


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