Which SC reality show is the most embarrassing?

Columbia - The StateMarch 2, 2014 

On Monday, we’ll welcome — with open arms — the reality show version of the reality of the upper crust of Charleston.

“Southern Charm” debuts on Bravo at 10 p.m. The show follows a collection of “Southern Gentlemen” and women who get to live in the Holy City while supposedly raising holy hell.

On Monday's episode, we were introduced to the six men and women who are supposed to represent the cream of the crop.

The cast includes former state treasurer Thomas “T-Rav” Ravenel, who is on a comeback tour from a stint in federal prison for cocaine-distribution charges. You’ll also meet Jenna King, a former Sumter High School grad who’s now a fashion diva; a descendant of the Boykin family; a real estate agent/Southern belle, and someone “not from around here.”

Charleston itself is the seventh cast member. Shots of the Ravenel bridge, downtown Charleston and Sermet's Corner restaurant and Husk are among the place where the cast plays, eats and fights (because there will be fights).

We’ve assembled these bingo cards to help you play along as the series goes on. Hear mentions of sweet tea, Boykins or “bless your heart?” BINGO!

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