ELECTION 2014: Poll - SC GOP voters say Tim Scott reflects their values -- and those of African Americans

Posted by JAMIE SELF on March 2, 2014 

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)


— Likely Republican primary voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly say U.S. Sen. Tim Scott – the state’s first African-American U.S. senator – shares their beliefs – and those of African-Americans, according to a new Winthrop Poll.

The relationship between S.C. Republican voters and Scott is singular in S.C. political history.

The state’s GOP voters overwhelmingly are white – more than 95 percent – and Scott is one of the state’s few black Republican political leaders.

The assessment of that relationship by S.C. GOP voters, as told to Winthrop pollsters, is complex.

When polled on Scott’s job performance, 73 percent said they approve. Only 7 percent disapproved.

Scott’s appointment to the Senate is heralded by some Republican leaders as having the potential to broaden the S.C. GOP, drawing black voters to the party.

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