Letter: Garry Baum, state senator's brother-in-law, consulting with lawyers

dhinshaw@thestate.comMarch 3, 2014 

Garry Baum

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Richland County’s former deputy director of elections said Monday he is consulting with lawyers after reviewing comments made last week that he did not know his job or that he was responsible for voting machines that ran out of power in the county’s notorious 2012 election.

Garry Baum issued his first statement since being asked to involuntarily resign from the elections office in September.

Baum said he was “outraged” that former director Howard Jackson insinuated that Baum’s family relationship with Sen. Joel Lourie was one reason Jackson was fired. Baum and Lourie are brothers-in-law.

In his two-page statement, Baum said he was not involved in the allocation or preparation of voting machines in November 2012, when some voters waited in line as long as seven hours to cast ballots.

“To insinuate that I would intentionally leave voting machines … unplugged in any election (is) incorrect,” he wrote.

Dawn Hinshaw

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