STATE HOUSE: UPDATED: 'Truthful Tuesday' protest leads to 11 arrests

Posted by JAMIE SELF on March 4, 2014 


COLUMBIA -- Eleven protesters were arrested Tuesday for blocking the roadway leading into the State House garage, a Columbia Police Department spokeswoman said.

A group of about two dozen protesters gathered at the Pendleton Street entrance to the State House parking garage -- and proceeded to block the roadway -- in protest of the state's rejection of Medicaid expansion under the federal Affordable Care Act, which they say will lead to unnecessary deaths.

They held signs that said “Expand Medicaid,” “Morality is not Partisan” and “SHAME.”

Around 11 a.m., a protester drove a truck into the roadway, blocking the entrance, allowing protesters to enter the roadway. Police eventually directed the truck to drive away and blocked the roadway with cones until they could clear protesters from the street.

An organizer originally had said 10 people were arrested, but a Columbia Police spokeswoman later confirmed that 11 arrests had been made. The spokeswoman did not immediately release the names of those arrested.

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