Friday letters: Fuel-efficient cars aren’t our problem

March 7, 2014 

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— I was astounded to see that we have some politicians who want to penalize drivers of fuel-efficient cars because they won’t contribute as much money through the gasoline tax for much-needed road repairs (“Fuel-efficient cars cut into S.C. funds for road repairs,” Feb. 5). I suppose that using these politicians’ ridiculous logic, we should give a financial incentive for driving inefficient cars that waste our precious resources at the expense of our environment and health.

No one likes to pay taxes, but I am reminded of our politicians’ reluctance to raise the cigarette tax consistent with other states for so many years, when it would have saved many lives and reduced suffering. Maybe there is a good reason nearly every state had raised these taxes.

Visitors to our state must think we have a backward government that is satisfied with poor infrastructure. If we want tourism and business to flourish, the road system is bad advertisement. Offering the ridiculous suggestion of penalizing drivers of fuel-efficient cars is another way to tell state residents, potential new businesses and tourists that our politicians haven’t a clue about how to manage our state. Let’s quit being so backwards, and move South Carolina in a positive direction.

Randy Basinger


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