Few: Only cure for Common Core is repeal

March 12, 2014 

Sheri Few

As originally introduced, Senate bill 300 would have repealed the problematic Common Core education standards in South Carolina. Senate Education Committee leaders contend the bill had to be amended to move it to the Senate floor for full and open debate, and so an amended bill goes before the full committee today.

The Common Core standards are being used by Washington special-interest groups and the federal government to herd states, and school children, into one-size-fits-all standards. These untested standards abandon classic literature for propaganda-laced informational texts and do not prepare children for selective colleges.

The State Board of Education rushed to adopt the standards without a cost analysis; implementation is now projected to cost South Carolina taxpayers $250 million in just the first seven years.

If that is not bad enough, the data-mining component of Common Core poses serious threats to student and family privacy, and the early grade standards are developmentally inappropriate, so they will cause psychological damage to young children.

Common Core must be repealed. No amount of spending or time invested in these national standards justifies continuing down this path of destruction.

Parents are frustrated because their concerns about Common Core are not being addressed, and hundreds of teachers have anonymously shared their concerns about the faulty standards.

The only good thing to come from Common Core is that parents and taxpayers are looking deeper into what their children are learning and what their tax dollars are buying. Parents and taxpayers are fed up with the anti-American and anti-Christian rhetoric being taught in public schools, and the practice of teaching to tests instead of teaching to children.

The seeds for education solutions that will fall on good soil, and take root, are those that provide true accountability to parents and taxpayers. If we are to improve education for S.C. students, we must not exchange individualism for collectivism, as Common Core does. We must get government out of the way and allow tax dollars to follow the child, so parents will be in the accountability seat and the market will drive education solutions.

Those of you who agree that we must repeal Common Core should contact the members of the Senate Education Committee before this morning’s meeting. Their contact information can be found at scstatehouse.gov.

Sheri Few


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