Thursday letters: Obamacare very broken; repeal it

March 13, 2014 

When the Democrats unilaterally passed Obamacare in 2010, they promised that their new health-care law would lower prices for American families, improve the quality of care and not burden our federal budget. In just three short years, we have learned it has all been lies.

Even the obscenely expensive website that President Obama touted opened and then promptly crashed. The horribly over-budget website is yet unable to handle web traffic, process insurance inquiries or guarantee even the most basic privacy with our sensitive health and financial information. Even die-hard Obama supporters are finding it difficult to defend this glitch-ridden website.

The website fiasco highlights some very important truths about this administration that we should all remember. This government excels at blowing taxpayer funds, missing deadlines, botching systems and under-delivering on promises. Are these the people you want running your health care?

Americans must remind our congressional representatives that they are stewards of our money. Throwing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at the very broken Obamacare is wrong. It’s time for repeal.

William F. Murphy


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