Monday letters: Haley governed by politics

March 16, 2014 

— I thought a governor’s job was to seek what is best for the state and its people. A governor should show leadership in actions and statements. Intelligence and common sense are necessary characteristics for the jobholder. A lack of both qualities is apparent in Gov. Nikki Haley.

Many of our poor and middle class need medical care and employment. Her words and actions do not demonstrate concern for these needs. Many citizens would be eligible for coverage through the Affordable Care Act if the governor accepted the federal assistance for Medicaid expansion. Her politics do not allow it.

Then she announces “union jobs” are not welcome. Ask unemployed people if they would accept a “union job.” Again, her politics do not allow it.

Finally, after the closures f Charleston’s Arthur F. Ravenel Bridge due to the ice storm, she said we might be able to prevent that in the future by heating the bridges cable? Really? Were are the dollars to build and maintain a system of heating cables that we might use for a few days every decade?

Frank L. Freyer


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