‘Frankly, my dear ...’ – It’s a race to the finish in Columbia Quest scavenger hunt

ccope@thestate.comMarch 22, 2014 

— Friends, couples, and family in teams of two raced to answer questions, perform tasks and get to destinations to take the top prize in the Columbia Quest on Saturday.

The Historic Columbia-sponsored scavenger hunt had folks scrambling all over downtown on a sunny spring day.

Emily Edgren and Wes Connell said they got turned around in the beginning, but they made it to Mast General store, where Historic Columbia volunteers gave them 20 cents to buy dime candy Tootsie Rolls.

The pair dashed through the store to the back barrels of candy and made it out quickly. Then they headed up Main Street and saw red shirts outside of The Nickelodeon theater – but they paused to figure out which clue matched the spot.

“This site has opened three different times (1930, 1962, 2013) an under three different names but always something great to see ... pass the popcorn, please.”

Finding the clue wasn’t enough. Another challenge awaited just inside the doors.

The task: audition for a movie.

The movie: “Gone with the Wind.”

Connell swapped his ball cap for a top hat to portray the dashing Rhett Butler, while Edgren put on a scarlet dress over her pants and sweatshirt to play the movie’s heroine.

Earlier in the day there had even been a couple of guys who played Scarlett, said Historic Columbia volunteer Ray Hopkins.

And shortly afterward there were some female Rhetts.

Betsy Nowell and her daughter, Halie Brazier, took part in the challenge.

Nowell played Rhett, and both were heavy on the Southern accents – with a few mistakes.

“No, I’m supposed to say that,” Brazier interjected when her mother accidentally read the wrong line.

But other than that, the scene was a delivered with emphatic gusto and Nowell delivered a Rhett Butler with dangly earrings, perfectly.

All the way to “Frankly my dear ...”

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