Monday letters: Place term limits on legislators

March 24, 2014 

SC State House


— I agree with Cindi Scoppe’s Feb. 12 column (“How the sensible center can save itself”) that the Legislature (and Congress) expends too much effort serving select blocs of people rather than we, the people of South Carolina.

She makes a case for cumulative-voting systems as a solution to the election of candidates and re-election of incumbents who only appeal to the voting blocs who elected them. I don’t fault her proposing this voting system as a way to return our legislators to a more centrist position. However, would a simpler approach accomplish the same result with less effort?

Section 3 of the South Carolina Constitution limits our governor to two terms. If term limits for that office work well, why not extend House members’ terms to four years, and limit legislators to two terms?

That way, legislators only need to worry about getting themselves re-elected one time. Their main duties would be in serving South Carolina rather than satisfying only those who will re-elect them.

Thomas C. Alewine


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