SUNDAY BUZZ: SC college trustee elections flunk competition test + Nikki Haley's new interest

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on March 30, 2014 

USC football coach Steve Spurrier greets Sen. Harvey Peeler, a Republican from Cherokee County who is a huge Clemson fan, on Thursday. The state Senate honored Spurrier with a resolution on his success with the Gamecocks.


— Lawmakers will vote Wednesday on college trustees. Except, well, there’s not much to vote on.

Just four of the 56 college seats open this year have more than one candidate. That is 7 percent.

That’s as of Friday.

Candidates who find themselves short of votes after early canvassing of legislators usually drop out. Eleven have withdrawn in the past two weeks, according to a legislative list.

More could follow.

Also in the Sunday column, more about Steve Spurrier's show-stopping visit to the state Senate chamber last week and Gov. Nikki Haley's new interest.

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