Thomas Ravenel eyes independent Senate run if Lindsey Graham wins GOP primary

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on April 7, 2014 


Thomas Ravenel


— Former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel announced after his reality show Monday night that he will run as an independent if U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-Seneca, wins GOP nod in June.

Ravenel, who was a Republican when he resigned his statewide seat in 2007 after a cocaine charge, said he wants to offer voters a more Libertarian choice.

The star of "Southern Charm" was asked in post-show show when was the last time he used cocaine. "Is that a trick question?" T-Rav shot back. "I gave that up a long time ago. ... I wasn't that big into it."

Graham has six Republican challengers but received close to the 50 percent mark to avoid a runoff in a Winthrop University poll.

VIDEO: A tour of Thomas Ravenel's Charleston home, which he reportedly sold last month for $3.3 million.

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