SUPER SATURDAY: On a hot day, Hip Hop Family Day’s acts are hotter

nophillips@thestate.comApril 12, 2014 

— The bass bumped and bounced off the buildings along Main Street on Saturday afternoon as thousands packed the streets for Hip Hop Family Day.

Shady spots were hard to come by as people sought shelter from the sun. But the 18 acts were even hotter.

The event is a chance to showcase local and regional hip hop acts as well as treat the community to a big-name national act. The lineup included rappers, DJs and B-Boy dance crews.

The festival is sponsored by Peace, Love and Hip Hop, which put on last year’s inaugural event, and Indie Grits, which began its 10-day festival Friday night.

Fans especially were excited for the performance of headliner Slick Rick the Ruler.

“Slick Rick puts on a great show,” said Charra English of Columbia. “He’s a great entertainer.”

English went to the festival with her husband, Corey English, and their three children, ages 5, 8 and 12.

When asked if they liked hip hop, Charra English said, “I’m hip hop enough for everybody. I love everything about it. The music. The culture. The excitement.”

She said she appreciated the festival’s family-friendly atmosphere that let her share her love of hip hop culture with her children. The free admission also was nice for a family of five, she said.

Hip hop often suffers from an unfair, negative stereotype, she said. But Columbia’s festival shatters that stereotype.

“Usually, ‘hip hop’ is synonymous with violence,” she said. “The name of this festival speaks for itself. We have to appreciate that.”

Kim Stevenson and Marion Wilson waited in front of the English family in a line to buy bottled water.

The couple heard about how much fun people had at last year’s festival so they decided to check it out.

“It’s hot,” Wilson said. “But everything’s good.”

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